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A both thematic and chronological approach of Claude MONET's paintings is presented here through existing posters that you can order on-line.

The early works

Argenteuil (1872 - 1875)

Vétheuil (1879 -1882)

impressionism birth

argenteuil house and garden

the seine at argenteuil

the artist house at vetheuil

the seine at vetheuil

The beginning
of impressionist art

Family life
at Argenteuil

at Argenteuil

The village
of Vetheuil

By the river side
at Vetheuil


italian riviera


french riviera

monet in london

venice italy

Bordighera - Italy

The Netherlands

Antibes - France

London - England

Venice - Italy

Themes and series

monet paint gardens

monet haystacks

monet poplars

monet painting the sea

flowers painted by monet

woman with umbrella monet

rouen cathedral

(1873 - 1876)

(1890 - 1891)

Trees, poplars
(1890 - 1891)

The Sea
(1882, 1886)

Flower bouquets
(1880 - 1883)

Woman with a parasols
(1875, 1886-87)

Rouen Cathedral
(1892, 1894)

Giverny (1883 - 1926)

giverny monet paintings

nympheas paintings by monet

waterlily pond by monet

water lilies painted by monet

water-lily pond by claude monet

Orangerie grand decorations by monet

The village
of Giverny

Nympheas Serie (1)
(1897 - 1908)

The japanese bridge
over the Water-Lily Pond
(1899 - 1900)

Nympheas Serie (2)
(1914 - 1919)

By the waterlily pond
(1914 - 1925)

The Grand Decorations and
the Donation to the Orangerie
(1920 - 1926)

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